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Santa Claus Websites…

Many Santas, myself included, want to squeeze as much as we can into our Santa seasons… and we want to extend the season by working with photo studios early in the season and even making appearances at ‘Christmas in July’ events.

Top Google rankings and an extraordinary website will help with that…

I’m Ed Taylor. Santa Ed.

I owned a marketing agency for many years, The Internet Marketing Group. As the name implies we specialized in Internet marketing.

As you know, having a website is fine, but having a “marketing oriented” website that enjoys first page Google rankings… well that’s the difference between paying for a website and having a website that is paying you. To see what I mean Click Here

Here are some of the “mobile friendly” websites that we have made for Santas…

and Southern Santa Curt in the Atlanta area…

I have spent much of the last 20 years as an Internet Marketing coach and professional speaker who has delivered more than 2,000 presentations on marketing small businesses.

From my perspective there are 4 “musts” for a Santa website:

1. It MUST appear near the top of Google on your important “keywords.”

2. It MUST represent you well and incorporate marketing elements that increase inquiries & bookings

3. It MUST be affordable.

4. It MUST be easy for a “non-techie” to update/maintain.

I have spent the last 20 years as an Internet marketing consultant and speaker and Lori has spent the last 15 years developing websites for small business owners.

We are both very good at what we do. You can see examples of Santa websites Lori has developed CLICK HERE

You can see examples of my work as an Internet marketer on Google.

Simply click the links to the Google searches below and see where my website shows up:

Santa Claus for hire Hollywood CLICK HERE

Santa Claus for hire Los Angeles CLICK HERE

Santa Claus for hire Santa Monica CLICK HERE

Santa Claus Los Angeles CLICK HERE

Santa Claus for party Hollywood CLICK HERE

and of course many dozens more…

Lori & I will develop an affordable website that represents you well, is easy to update and maintain, and is “optimized” to achieve top Google rankings on your most important keywords.

There are a couple of caveats:

  1. You will need to write, or have someone write, the content for the website, your bio, what you do, the area you serve, etc. I will guide you with what is needed but you must provide it.
  2. There is no guarantee of top Google rankings on all of your keywords.

The cost (investment) for the standard website is $1,250. $750 initial retainer and $500 when the site is complete. 

The cost (investment) for the Virtual Visits website with scheduler, e-commerce, Zoom & calendar integration is $1,950. $1,000 initial retainer and $950 when the site is complete. 

If you are interested please email or call me right away. 424-343-9555